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Ongoing Series. Email me for exhibition or purchase inquiries.


These large-scale paintings explore reality and fantasy with a fresh perspective through generational storytelling. Culver's massive figurative works bring the viewer through lucid and surreal scenes inspired by her grandfather’s struggle with schizophrenia, his stories and altered mental states. From sensory triggers to quiet moments, she uses secondary memories to visually explore character development, the strength of character, and the character as a metaphor.

Culver reimagines scenes of her grandfather fighting a gorilla during the Vietnam War, nostalgic days at the beach, and provocative hallucinations from his viewpoint. Bordering between representation and abstraction, these vivid paintings explore the emotive effect of color using both experimental and traditional mark making not seen in Culver’s past work. 

This series presents an intimate and tangible expression of memory that embraces universal themes of the human condition and of life at its brightest and darkest points. From dramatic character portraits to psychological narratives, Culver’s paintings explore the transitory nature of memory, the ownership of stories and secrets, and the inconsistency of perspective with mental illness and personal identity.

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