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#100HEADS Project

Join me on my Messy Daily Drawing/Painting Adventure!
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I'm creating 100 head in 100 days. It's a fun, casual, and intuitive project to help me stay motivated and to allow more experimentation within my work. Let's see where this goes! #LetsGetSketchy #AllAboard #ItsGonnaGetWeird

None of the heads are in my online store, but if you see something you like and just gotta have, 
let me know.

#ICYMI Sweet N' Low

In case you missed it! - Sweet N Low: An International Show of Cute

A recent group show highlight was Sweet N' Low at Bedford Gallery in California.

An International Juried Exhibition, curated by Evan Pricco, editor of Juxtapoz Magazine and Antler Gallery. The artists selected for Sweet n Low extended the genre of cute from cuddly and precious to creepy and ironic. From kitsch and Margaret Keane’s Big Eyes, to Japanese anime and the contemporary Pop Art work of Takashi Murakami, unleash the roly-poly, goofily-gamboling, saccharine-honeyed creatures on this earth and beyond!

J. M. Culver | The Pratfalls Podcast

Listen to me discuss my background, creative process, and gush over Steve Martin on my first podcast feature: J. M. Culver | The Pratfalls Podcast

Featured Interview: MCAD Alumni Profile

My MCAD Alumni Profile Interview is now up!
Read about my current obsession, my MCAD experience, and how my work has evolved over the years: http://mcad.edu/alumni-profile/jm-culver
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