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Conjured Memories

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Conjured Memories is an exploration of psychological narratives that capture fragments and recreate moments of my childhood memories. These personal observations come from my experience of growing up in the presence of my grandfather who suffered from schizophrenia.


These life-size drawings/paintings present an immediate and intimate tangible expression of memory. They represent universal themes of the human condition of life at its darkest and brightest points. My intension is to evoke an emotional response and connection that resonates with the viewer.


My work is punctuated with sharp imagery and abstracted elements that stand vividly against an obscure background. To create psychological tension with a sense of immediacy, layers of intense mark making and erasures are juxtaposed against hazy atmospheric smudges of charcoal and veils of acrylic on paper. The use of selective color suggests how the mind retains specific details vividly while others remain bleak or disappear into abstraction.


My work follows a pluralistic approach within contemporary figurative painting.. Read More

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